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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

v.a.-UNITED WE STAND-(Gas World + L.O.M.-Austria-c90-199?)

Amazing c90 international compilation with bands playing crustpunk,powerviolence,anarcopunk and similar genres.
It came out with a booklet reporting info about the bands and the 2 labels that co-produced this sampler.Unfortunately I cannot find the booklet and therefore I have little info about the bands and the label Gas World. 
I spoke about the austrian label LOM when I posted the tapes:Momido 7 and the compilation Anteurope
Enjoy it.
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Monday, 22 May 2017

ERIC BOROS-Comrades!Solo Travel-Guitar MAN-(Mini-cd-Manufracture-Switzerland-2006)

Eric Boros has been immersed in the global underground for the better part of the last twenty years. He is a self-taught guitarist, experimental multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer, cassette archivist and performance artist, curator and networker, photographer, and translator. With a focus on trans-cultural and interdisciplinary collaboration, he has established connections with artists from around the world and off the beaten path, crossing the borders between art, music and noise. 
You`ll find his extensive discography here.
I have already wrote about him in this blog when i posted music by his projects: Hermit and Third World Planet - Sites:vialka.com, freemusicarchive.org. 
The label Manufracture defines itself as Obscure, eclectic, unknown, and unidentifiable recordings.Here their freemusicarchive where you`ll find more amazing music by Eric Boros and friends. 
Enjoy it.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Helou Kaet & Son n9-(Fanzine-Joukkomurha Products-Finland-199?)

Number 9 of this great finnish fanzine,I have posted already the number 10.It was assembled and distributed by Jupe Luoma in the early 90s.
Jupe was also into mail art and running the label Joukkormurha Tapes and  the sublabel JM Tapes.

I posted quite few tapes by this finnish label,you`ll find them here. 
This fanzine has few articles,short stories,some poetries,lots of nice graphix works and comics and more random stuff.
Few poetries are in english,the most of the articles/comics and other writings are in finnish.
Enjoy it,if you are finnish literate.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

ATROPOS-Amorte-(Tetanus Prods-Italy-1995)

Atropos is the personal project of Borys Catelani from Lucca: Owner of Ripping Storm Records and Tetanus and also involved in all those projects:Barbarian (5), Children Of Technology, Disarm (2), Disprezzo, Forgotten Kadath, Giuda, Robanera, Unsung (3).
I spoke about this project when I posted the split tape Atropos/Myricae.
This cassette is crafted with sounds reminding me  some experiments of neofolk and ambient.
 Enjoy it.
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Saturday, 13 May 2017

v.a.-People Of The Pit...-(Goddam Church Records-Italy-1987)

Great lp compilation with a good selection of international HC Punk bands.
First release of Goddam Church Recs, indipendent diy punk label managed by Carlo Cannella involved in the bands:Dictatrista,Stige and Affluente. 
To Complete this post I am going to attach here tracklist and info from discogs.
Enjoy it.

 A1-    Corrupted Morals-    Mad reign
A2 Corrupted Morals Big Man
A3 Pure Hate Terrorist
A4 Pure Hate Don't Hurt Me
A5 Puke Stig-Britt
A6 Puke Klockan Gär, Klämtar Och Slår
A7 Stige Senza Alternative
A8 Stige Una Vita
A9 Corruption (7) Beef To The Core
A10 Corruption (7) Human Fireworks
A11 Puke Untitled
B1 False Liberty Ignorance
B2 False Liberty Count Me Out
B3 No Fraud Suicidal Maniac
B4 No Fraud Nothing Left Inside
B5 Raped Teenagers Moder Jord
B6 Raped Teenagers Din Van
B7 Raped Teenagers Fred Och Frihet
B8 Raped Teenagers Träskallar
B9 Barn Au Regnbuen* Et Liv
B10 Barn Au Regnbuen* Eob Og Data
B11 Barn Au Regnbuen* Ikkje Fan !
B12 Subterranean Kids No Puedo Perdonarte
B13 Subterranean Kids Hasta El Final

Companies, etc.



All tracks taken from various studio and demo recordings.
Tracks B9 to B11 recorded February 28th, 1987 on Tascam Porta 4-track @ Moonshine Studios.
Printed innersleeve with pictures, lyrics and info about the bands.

Photo on front cover is the band Indigesti live at the Virus in Milano, Italy.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Gibbering Madness n5-(Fanzine-UK-1997)

Number 5 of this nice fanzine,I have posted already the number 4 the number 8 and the number 6.This was the fanzine by Evan Griffiths from Sheffield:mail artist,zine editor,comic artist and more...
This issue is focused on art-and it has lots of interesting stuff in it:short stories,art works,drawings, music & zines reviews too. 
Enjoy it.
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

HÜSKER DÜ Compilation Covers Songs-Land Speed Sonic-(Berserk-Italy-1997)

Great compilation on cd released by the italian Berserk Recs in 1997.
A good bunch of italian bands covering some of the classic hits of the famous american band.
The result is a stunnig cd with good recordings,nice graphix works,pictures and info.
This will make happy all the Husker Du lovers around the world.
Enjoy it.
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1Cripple Bastards Punch Drunk 0:31
2 Kina (4) First Of The Last Calls 3:05
3 Lomas Ice Cold Ice 3:52
4 Shock Treatment (4) Too Much Spice 2:11
5 Acredine I'm Not Interested 1:15
6 Sottopressione Signals From Above 1:43
7 Punch Line Find Me 3:53
8 Tempo Zero Something I Learned Today 2:13
9 Kina (4) In A Free Land 3:06
10 Burning Defeat I Apologize 2:05
11 Acredine All Tensed Up 1:23
12 Cripple Bastards Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill 3:11
13 Sottopressione I'll Never Forget You 2:09
14 Burning Defeat Standing By The Sea 3:11
15 Lomas Flip Your Wig 2:17
16 Punch Line Celebrated Summer 3:50
17 Tempo Zero Everything Falls Apart 1:41
18 Shock Treatment (4) New Day Rising 3:04